Friday, April 8, 2011

Luxury Wilmington Real Estate - Not on Land? Mega Yachts

Incredibly expensive, more than the average person can imagine. Billionaires have their accountants doing the math.

Introducing “A” – the most recent member of the mega-yacht club, and to put things in perspective, the fuel tank is 757,000 liters. Diesel fuel costs around $1.40 per liter currently, so it would cost just over  $1.4 million just to fill the tank. That amount of fuel will last 15.5 days at cruising speed.  So the cost of building the ship becomes a little academic when the running costs are taken into consideration. A” is 118 meters long, and from whichever angle you see her is perfect, not a poor line in sight. I understand there are three swimming pools aboard, an owner’s suite, 6 guest suites and accommodations for 42 staff, which includes 5 guest’s staff.

The owner also owns one of the largest coal companies in the world, I doubt the cost of fuel is an issue.  Luxury Real Estate on Water!