Sunday, February 26, 2012

Luxury Home Specialist to Find your Next Luxury home in Wilmington NC

There are many benefits to using a Realtor to find your next luxury home. With a little bit of research, you will be able to use the right Realtor to get you the luxury home you want at the price your dreamed of.

A Realtor has the ability to watch for the best luxury home that is available, and get that information to you. This is usually before the home is listed in any public form. The way that a Realtor can do this is with the right connections and tools.

The Realtor you go through works closely with other Realtors, and real estate agents. These other professionals are also trying to complete real estate transactions. These transactions are the sales of homes.

 Buying your next luxury home is a little like having your suit tailored to fit you. The home you want will need to fit you, your family and your life. Some lives are filled with fine art and literature.  Some lives are filled with elegance and delicacies. While others are filled with the fast paces lives of sports and exercise. What ever it is that you have in your life that your home will need to fit, a good Realtor can fit that for you.

 When you are buying a luxury home you are not just purchasing the wood, dry wall and paint. You are looking at the location, the amenities, the school district and much more. When you work with your Realtor, given the right information your Realtor will be able to bring these expectations to the table for you to view and decide what will work for your needs.

The best thing to do is to find a Realtor that will work for you. The easiest way to do this is to do a couple sit down interviews. Ask some questions about credentials. Finally, set good expectations with your Realtor.

In the meeting with your Realtor, it is important to set the expectations of what you will need. The Realtor will also need to set the expectations of what they can provide.

 When you discuss the needs and wants that you and your family are looking for in a luxury home, the Realtor will be able to use the tools they have to find the right homes for you to view. This will save you time, and hassle.

 The tools a Realtor can use to make your search easier are MLS and home listing services, private contacts, the Internet, and much more. You will be able to receive the listings for you to review in a couple different ways.

 You can get these through your home computer on the Internet, or through hard copy. Most of the time these listings can be updated every day. A good Realtor will review the listings they have on a daily basis and get this time sensitive information over to their client. This makes it possible for the best deal to be caught quickly.

 Using a good Realtor can make all the difference when it comes to purchasing your luxury home and making sure the transaction is completed correctly. The sellers will have a Realtor on their side. You will want to have a professional handling the transaction from your side.

The reason this is important is because there are many mistakes that can be made. In addition to hidden issues that could occur if the buyer is not made aware of the conditions of the home and title of the property.

Even with luxury homes there have been issues with poor conditions of homes creating a money pit for the new owner. Your Realtor will provide the research, legal structure and finally negotiation power it will take to make sure the purchase of your luxury home is completed as smooth as possible.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do Figure Eight Homes Sales stack up?

How did the luxury market stack up in 2011? Figure Eight being one of the exclusive areas in New Hanover County to shop for Luxury Homes. In 2011 there were 10 homes sold on Figure Eight Island a jump from 2010 where there were only 7 homes sold. The highest price one being $2.8 million. Most of the homes sold between 85 and 90% of their list price. Look at this home I have listed on Figure Eight Island. This home is one of a kind located in the middle of the island on the intracoastal on one of the most coveted lot on the island.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Million Dollar Mansions

Are there as many Million Dollar Mansions around?  Amazingly those million dollar homes are not so and could be $800,000 dollar mansions. Looking to move into the luxury market? If those are your plans there is so much to offer in the Wilmington Luxury Market. The luxury market in Wilmington NC has taken a bit of a beating.  Figure Eight and Landfall top the list for Luxury homes.  There was a time where you couldnt buy anything under $2.5 million on Figure Eight Island.  Now the island wrestles with homes under the million dollar range and what used to be $4million is now $3 million. Landfall used to be the oasis for Golfers and Northerners looking for their million dollar retreat. Homes used to be priced no lower than $500,000.  Now you can pick a bungalow up for just under $400,000.

Price isnt the only qualifyer. Here at Coldwell Banker we have a list of qualifyers, and only if you have 10 of those is your home considered Luxury. Thinking of listing you luxury home drop me an email and I can send you those qualifyers.

Click this link and I can show you what is available in that million dollar range, and if you like any of them, you know what to do.  Give me a call and lets shedule an appointment. Time to buy that Million Dollar Mansion at a fraction of what it used to be!