Sunday, February 19, 2012

Million Dollar Mansions

Are there as many Million Dollar Mansions around?  Amazingly those million dollar homes are not so and could be $800,000 dollar mansions. Looking to move into the luxury market? If those are your plans there is so much to offer in the Wilmington Luxury Market. The luxury market in Wilmington NC has taken a bit of a beating.  Figure Eight and Landfall top the list for Luxury homes.  There was a time where you couldnt buy anything under $2.5 million on Figure Eight Island.  Now the island wrestles with homes under the million dollar range and what used to be $4million is now $3 million. Landfall used to be the oasis for Golfers and Northerners looking for their million dollar retreat. Homes used to be priced no lower than $500,000.  Now you can pick a bungalow up for just under $400,000.

Price isnt the only qualifyer. Here at Coldwell Banker we have a list of qualifyers, and only if you have 10 of those is your home considered Luxury. Thinking of listing you luxury home drop me an email and I can send you those qualifyers.

Click this link and I can show you what is available in that million dollar range, and if you like any of them, you know what to do.  Give me a call and lets shedule an appointment. Time to buy that Million Dollar Mansion at a fraction of what it used to be!

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